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Anonymous: You are breathtaking!

You are silly! <3 But thank you

Anonymous: Orrighty then you're not good thing this was on anon or it would have been EXTREMELY awkward

Hahahahahhaaha I see my feed darlin’ I know it’s you H :) 

Anonymous: Are you the one that's been calling dibs? :p

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

"Rule # 12: Only three types of people tell the truth: kids, drunk people, and anyone who is pissed the fuck off."
-Richard Pryor (via bl-ossomed)
"Your mental health comes before school baby, always. If its midnight, and you have an exam the next day but your hands have been shaking for the past hour and a half and you’re not so sure you want to be alive anymore, pull out that carton of Ben and Jerry’s and afterwards, go the fuck to bed. So what if you get a 68% on the exam the next day? You took care of yourself and at the end of the day that will always come before a high test score. To hell with anyone who tells you differently."
-Abbie Nielsen, Dear Future Daughter (via octobermoe)